Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upgrade X8 to android 2.2 [part3]

Lastly..this is the final part on how to upgrade android to 2.2..yeay!!!penat da jari2 i ni kita continue on how to install floyo rom..this rom is not an official upgrade released by sony ericsson but it was floyo rom by xda developers...i memang suggest u olls pkai rom ni coz memang gempak gile..pada yang tiba2 terbaca entry ni, sila baca entry from part1 and part2 sebelum buat step in part3 ni ok..Now,lets start..



Sebelum memulakan proses install rom ni please back up ur current system first..masuk xrecovery mode and choose backup..
Next, sila save contacts u olls ke dalam sd card jika tidak mahu kehilangan no.2 penting dalam phone u olls.
After that, restart or reboot ur phone..


INSTALL floyo 0.25

1) download floyo rom dulu. extract file then letak dalam sd>xrecovery>backup.. [floyo 0.25]

2) restart x8 dan masuk ke dalam xrexovery mode by pressing back button banyak2 kali..

3) pilih restore and backup then restore file floyo 0.25 yang da di extract td. tunggu sampai selesai..

4) Lastly, pilih wipe cache and reboot.

Untuk install balik contacts, u olls boleh pergi kat contacts dan choose import contacts to sd..then, FINISH!!!


Akhirnya, jadilah fon u olls tu fon android 2.2..lepas ni boleh lah move apps yang banyak2 kat phone to ke sd..